Hello and welcome! My name is Carly Lanning and I’m a writer living and working in New York City. 

An expert in all things trends and digital culture, my career has been spent writing about the digital video and creator ecosystem through roles with YouTube’s Culture and Trends team, YouTube Nation, and others. Now leading a marketing department dedicated to all things books, I’ve leveraged my experience with digital storytelling to create out-of-the-box marketing initiatives for publishers that feel authentic and representative of their diverse audiences.

Adjacent to my 9-5 job, I continue to work as a freelance journalist focused on culture reporting and features writing, and have been published in Psychology Today, NBC, Thrillist, Ms. Magazine, The Daily Dot and more. For links to my published work, please click here, and for my full resume, please visit my LinkedIn here.  

While the majority of my writing tends to dig into topics surrounding digital media, mental health, media representation, human interest, and feminism, I hold an additional editorial expertise in trauma-informed storytelling and content creation for violence prevention organizations — such as New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Exhale to Inhale. At the heart of it all, I’m deeply committed to using storytelling to help others feel understood, to feel empowered, and to heal. 

For more personal, frequent writing, I run the lifestyle blog Hey, Is Thing Thing On? Cause I’ve Got Some Thoughts, and share personal book reviews and recommendations on my Instagram Girlsgotthoughts. Thanks for taking the time to visit here, I appreciate it deeply.